Summary of Investment Objectives and Policies, Risks, Charges and Performance
Aggressive Fund
Asia Pacific (Ex-Japan) Equity Fund
Balanced Fund
Conservative Fund
Core Fund
Defensive Fund
Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund
Emerging Markets Debt Fund
Emerging Markets Equity Fund
European (Ex-U.K.) Equity Fund
Euro Aggressive Fund
Euro Balanced Fund
Euro Conservative Fund
Euro Core Fund
Euro Growth Fund
Euro Moderate Fund
Factor Allocation Global Equity Fund
Factor Allocation Managed Volatility Fund
Factor Allocation U.S. Equity Fund
Fundamental U.K. Equity Fund
Global Aggressive Fund
Global Balanced Fund
Global Conservative Fund
Global Core Fund
Global Equity Fund
Global Fixed Income Fund
Global Growth Fund
Global Managed Volatility Fund
Global Multi-Asset Income Fund
Global Opportunistic Fixed Income Fund
Global Select Equity Fund
Global Short Duration Bond Fund
Global Short Term Bond Fund
Growth Fund
High Yield Fixed Income Fund
Japan Equity Fund
Liquid Alternative Fund
Moderate Fund
Pan European Small Cap Fund
Quantitative U.K. Equity Fund
U.K. Core Fixed Interest Fund
U.K. Credit Fixed Interest Fund
U.K. Equity Fund
U.K. Gilts Fixed Interest Fund
U.K. Index-Linked Fixed Interest Fund
U.K. Long Duration Credit Fund
U.S. Fixed Income Fund
U.S. Large Companies Fund
U.S. Small Companies Fund